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Sarah & Mark Gascoine are a husband and wife photography team with a difference. When you mix the creative flair of taking photos for 10+ weddings a day at the Chapel of the Flowers in Las Vegas with the patience and artistic drive of a published nature, wildlife and urban landscape photographer, the results are pretty spectacular.

Together we have focused our lenses on Weddings, Children, Portraits, Artistic Portraits, Sport, and Fashion while maintaining our commitment to capturing high quality, life filled moments that last forever.

Mark Gascoine

Mark entered photography with a passion for taking pictures of animals in urban envirnments. This lead to the publication of his work by BBC Nature and Wildlife in 2011. Developing a keen eye for an alternative angles became a unique trademark. Mark's landscape artwork has been proudly displayed in galleries and homes around the world. In 2012 Mark moved his attention to human species, pointing his lens at people enjoying life, capturing events in an extraordinary ways; utilizing his experience and vision. Mark's work continues to be used by the BBC's Nature & Wildlife studio & websites. 

Sarah Gascoine 

Sarah began young; at age 11 she produced a broad specturm of photographic art while mentoring with a professional photographer. Sarah then spent the next three years in a darkroom honing her skills. In 2009 Sarah began working at the Chapel of the Flowers in Las Vegas, as a lifestype photographer. Here Sarah's skill's were put to the test as she captured over 200 weddings. A keen eye for detail and prior career fed her creativity. Since then Sarah has broadened her scope of work with fashion, sport and landscape photography, while maintaining her passion for weddings and portraits.

Shared Histories

Both Sarah and Mark have artistic backgrounds working in theatre. Taking a technical route through theatre saw them involved in many professional productions and events for Cirque Du Soleil, Dragone, Disney, West End theatres, and Universal Studios across the Americas, Europe & Asia. This unique artistic insight infuses their photography with a creativity and  zeal.